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When a document is perceived to be of high value to the holder thereof, such as the authority to drive a particular category or categories of vehicles conveyed by the driving licence, not only the testing and administrative procedures preceding the issuing of the licence will be probed for weaknesses, but also the document that conveys the authority.

Thus the system supporting the testing and administrative procedures must be designed to maintain the integrity of the process and the card on which the licence is issued must be of such design that an undetectable falsification cannot be produced and a reasonable look alike can only be produced at a very high cost.

To enable human verification, the card must incorporated visual security features by means of which the authenticity of the card can be confirmed. To enable machine readable authentication, the card must include a 2D barcode or an integrated circuit (chip).

Fischer Consulting offers a complete and configurable Card Production System which could be used for the production of Driving Licences, Identity Documents, Voter Cards or similar documents. The system comprises of the following processes:

  • Interface with the system performing the administrative vetting before authorising the production of the card
  • Personalisation of the card, including the printing of the human readable data, portrait image of the card holder, signature of the card holder and 2D barcode (if any)
  • Personalisation of the integrated circuit (contact or contactless), if any
  • Quality assurance of the personalisation, including a matching of the human and machine readable data
  • Quality assurance of the card construction, including the security features and overlays that may have been performed after personalisation
  • Management Information, including several reports and a dashboard

Clients may choose the particular composition of the card, including the nature of the security features, machine readable property and physical card material from a wide range of options available to suite their individual needs.