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Contravention Management

Fischer Consulting has extensive experience in traffic contravention management that stretches back to 1988. The TRAFMAN™ system which main function is contravention management is not only implemented at numerous authorities in South Africa, but also in Namibia and Mauritius.

With the AARTO Act and Regulations now implemented in the Tshwane and Johannesburg Metros and the national rollout in sight, several changes have been made to TRAFMAN™ to achieve a system which is truly AARTO-Ready. TRAFMAN™ is currently the only Local Contravention Management System (LCMS) which is fully AARTO-Ready, allowing a change over from the Criminal Procedure Act (CPA) to the AARTO Act at the change of a software setting without any software installation. The system also administers the existing CPA cases in parallel with the new AARTO cases until all the CPA cases have been finalised or closed.

Road Side Enforcement

The REMCOM™ System is the roadside module of TRAFMAN ™ that assists traffic or police officers at a roadblock. The need for such a system arose due to the large percentage of offenders ignoring traffic notices and summonses to appear in court. The REMCOM™ system adds value at roadblock to firstly identify offenders with outstanding fines, summonses and warrants of arrest and to issue the summons and warrant of arrest documents online and in real-time at the roadside.

Overload control

The Weighbridge Module (WBM) of TRAFMAN™ has been designed by Fischer Consulting specifically for weighbridges and Traffic Control Centres (TCCs) and is considered a standard for the industry in South Africa. The WBM provides a simple, cost-effective tool to operate weighbridges and is a comprehensive, yet very user-friendly information management system that can be used at any weighbridge. The WBM communicates with and controls the operation of legal scales, and can be integrated with weigh-in-motion equipment at the roadside to compare masses on the WIM and legal scale.

Accident Monitoring

The ultimate aim of the TRAFMAN™ system is to provide a fully integrated information system for, inter alia, accidents, contraventions and incidents. Linked to this is the capability to display this information on a electronic map. This helps to eliminate islands of information that often result from separate systems. With the introduction of the TRAFMAN™ system, it is no longer necessary to attempt to interpret the impact of accidents from a tabular report generated by one system and the status and impact of traffic contraventions from a report created by another system.


In addition to the above Fischer Consulting can offer the following Traffic Management solutions:

  • Private sector weighbridge systems
  • Private sector safety enforcement
  • AARTO Infringement notice processing system for offenders
  • AARTO training days