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“It is simple to make things complex, it is complex to make things simple”
- Meyer’s Law

Off-the-shelf systems are often easy to implement but difficult to operate due to the generic nature thereof. At Fischer Consulting we offer custom built software solutions to clients in industries ranging from agriculture to education. Our software development methodology is based on industry best practices and allows for projects of all sizes to be implemented on-time and within budget.

The types of Information Systems developed by Fischer Consulting comprise data warehouses, geographic information systems (GIS) and office automation systems among others. Web-based, client-side and server-side solutions are developed using the following programing languages: .NET, C#, Java and Progress. But as Larry Wall once said: “ Real programmers can write assembly code in any language.”

We at Fischer Consulting pride ourselves in the delivery of state of the art software solutions that both ease and improve the daily operation of organisations across the world.