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Although some of the elements of industrial engineering are aimed at the improvement of the working environment and the optimal utilisation of personnel, it is 's belief that a postgraduate qualification in business administration further strengthens the capabilities of an industrial engineer. In combination, these qualifications enable the industrial engineers at Fischer Consulting to provide services in the field of organisational analysis, planning and control, such as:

  • Human resource requirements planning and control
  • Organisational analysis at grass-roots level
  • Organisational structure design
  • Post description
  • Procedure and form design
  • Work-flow analysis
  • Procedure and training manual compilation
  • Personnel training
  • Procedures/systems implementation

Fischer Consulting also has vast experience in the development of organisational policies, with the emphasis on protocols and policies for public sector organisations. Policy development entails determining, among others, the:

  • mission or direction of the organisation;
  • basic philosophies and ethos of the organisation;
  • nature of processes and procedures followed in the organisation;
  • needs and strategies for consultation and community involvement;
  • communication lines that should exist and be utilised, and
  • performance standards that should be reached.