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“Delivering the right quantity of the right product to the right patient on time every time”

The Pharmaceutical supply chain is not only large but also very complex due to the volumes, range of products and the numerous distribution points such as healthcare facilities and pharmacies. With stricter regulations and acts governing the industry and the increased cost of distribution stakeholders such as manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers are struggling to keep afloat.

Fischer Consulting’s expertise will enable clients’ to improve their effectiveness and efficiency and therefor grow profit margins. Services offered by Fischer Consulting in the Pharmaceutical industry include but are not limited to:

  • Optimised route planning and scheduling;
  • Customer profitability analysis;
  • Distribution recourse planning (DRP) and forecasting;
  • Cost Structures;
  • Warehouse level improvement such as Picking Schedules, Product Locations, Shrinkage control and Quality assurance
  • And other data analysis such as plant split analysis and sales analysis.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management