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In various countries, a sticker is placed on the number plate, which indicates that the number plate complies with the Standard as set out by the local Bureau of Standards. The sticker typically bears the logo of the local Bureau of Standards.

However, these stickers have no unique identifying properties to enable control of the number of stickers issued or prevent the production of stickers by any other person, which are similar to that of the local Bureau of Standards.

Fischer Consulting has developed a fully integrated system including all the role players in the manufacturing and distribution chain of number plates and has incorporated a protected certification mark that is both visually identifiable and has information regarding certain role players included in a digitally signed and encrypted 2 Dimensional barcode. To allow easy visual authentication of the documents in the absence of a scanner, security printing according to the graphical preferences of the role players are visibly printed on all secure documents, with traceability features allowing it to be traced back to the source.