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Even in today’s go-green world millions of tons of paper is produced and printed on each year. Application form, orders, invoices, delivery notes, bank statements and even traffic infringement notices are slowly eating away at our precious planet. However, paper based documents do not only impact our environment it also laden organisations with unnecessary costs and difficult to manage processes.

Fischer Consulting’s offers a simple to implement, cost effective yet very efficient solution to convert paper based documents into indexed electronic data files which are easy to reference and does not take up any storage space. The process in which this is achieved is depicted below.

Document Management Flow

OCR(Optical Character Recognition), OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) are all processes used to “read” the fields on the document. Should the software be unsure of a specific character that character is highlighted for verification by a user. Once all fields are verified the data along with the scanned images is exported to a database or 3rd party system such as a workflow system. A 60-80% reduction in costs is generally achieved with the implementation of document management software due to the reduced need for manual transcription.