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Advancements, availability and price drop experienced in recent years has made Global Positioning Systems readily available to various markets increasing the opportunities and different applications available for this technology. At Fischer Consulting we have taken advantage of the growth in the field of GPS systems and we have created numerous innovative solutions incorporating GPS technology into the products and services we provide. Standalone or incorporated into a smart phone, tablet or mobile computer, Fischer Consulting has ample experience in providing solutions and innovations in this field.

Fischer Consulting has incorporated GPS Solutions into systems such as water and electricity meter readings, smart metering parking solutions. As part of the complete solution to Traffic Control Centres Fischer Consulting also provides a tracking solution for vehicles that have to be moved between different sites such as satellite and main Traffic Control Centre Sites. Fischer Consulting Provides a complete tracking solution with the following characteristics:

  • A Rugged device that can attach to the outside of a vehicle
  • Vandal and tamper proof design
  • Can Track a vehicle in real time
  • Set up specified routes along which a vehicle must travel
  • Send out alarm under predefined circumstances such as when a vehicle deviates from the allowed rout, is stationary for longer than a predefined period, tampers with or removes the device.

Fischer Consulting is constantly busy with research and development and new solutions and enhancements will be incorporated and will most definitely make their appearance in the near future.