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The REMCOM System is the roadside module of TRAFMAN that assists traffic or police officers at a roadblock. The need for such a system arose due to the large percentage of offenders ignoring traffic notices and summonses to appear in court. The REMCOM system adds value at roadblock to firstly identify offenders with outstanding fines, summonses and warrants of arrest and to issue the summons and warrant of arrest documents online and in real-time at the roadside.

This system is aimed at:

  • Reducing the number of outstanding traffic notices and summonses by enabling the officer to view driver and vehicle information whilst the driver is being stopped at the roadblock. This enables the officer to not only check for outstanding summonses and Warrants of Arrest’s but also to print outstanding summonses and serve them on the offender, or to execute a Warrant of Arrest at the road side. In doing so, the authority ensures that the summons and / or WOA was duly served and can thus be prosecuted if not paid within the time period stated on the notice or the offender failed to appear in court on the designated date.
  • Notifying drivers of their current status with regards to traffic contraventions by informing them of payable notices, summonses and Warrants of Arrest. This not only informs any individual stopped at a roadblock on about their current outstanding traffic offences, but also underlines to the public that the authority is organized and up to date with regards to traffic offences – that there is no merit in failing to respond to a notice.
  • Verifying driver's licences as being original, legal and still valid. The system scans the encrypted 2D barcode on the back of the licence and displays the photograph and particulars relating to the driver to enable an assessment of the validity of a driver's licence if requested by an officer who finds the driving licence to be suspicious.
  • Verifying the licensing and roadworthiness status of the vehicle on the eNaTIS, as well as any police marks that may have been recorded against the vehicle by the SAPS, such as a stolen vehicle or the possible use of the vehicle in criminal activities.
  • Showing the public that the authority takes traffic offences seriously and that regular checks will be done. In doing so, the public will be more careful when using the roads, never knowing when another REMCOM roadblock will be executed.