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As a result of the perception that a driving licence holds significant benefits of better employment opportunities, governments in Africa experience a growing demand for driver testing and licensing. Many applicants find it challenging to pass the various levels of testing to be issued with a driving licence which confirms their competence to safely control a motor vehicle in traffic and malpractices both on the side of applicants and the examiners and administrative officials are common.

Hence a biometric enrolment of the applicant has to be performed when the first application is submitted and the presence of the applicant is verified continually during all testing performed, from the learner test, followed by the driver test, as well as the professional driver test (if applicable).

Fischer Consulting offers a complete and configurable Driver Licensing System which comprises of the following processes:

  • Biometric enrolment and introduction of the person record of the applicant, including fingerprints, facial image and signature
  • Learner’s Licence
  • Driving Licence, including the driving licence card production
  • Professional Driving Permit
  • International Driving Permit
  • Suspension or cancellation of a licence or permit
  • Interfaces to other existing systems in use, eg for learner test or driver test
  • Transaction block, for traffic transgression or administrative neglect
  • Financial Administration, both in respect of over the counter payments or remote payments into a designated bank account
  • Management Information, including several reports and a dashboard
  • Traffic Related Entities, such as Driving Schools, Driver Testing Centres, and Examiners of Drivers

Clients may choose to implement the entire system or a specific configurable aspect to suite their individual needs.