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The TRAFMAN™ has from its inception been designed to accommodate the maximum extent of integration. It offers the full spectrum of management information system requirements for traffic and policing management instead of “islands of information” spread over database systems, flat file systems and a multitude of spread sheets which one often finds at a traffic authority.

The TRAFMAN™ system currently comprises ten modules. These can be operated separately, or jointly, in which case relevant data is shared between the modules. The system is continually upgraded to keep pace with the growing user needs and demands.

The modules that are offered in response to the tender requirements are the following:

  • Contravention management from notices, summonses to Warrant of Arrest, to court administration and online Road Block assistance, inclusive of online access to National Transport Information Dystem (NaTIS) to retrieve the vehicle and owner data in respect of violations.
  • Image processing from digital and wet film images of speed and red light violations, retrieving the vehicle and owner data from NaTIS online to print the Camera Notices notice within the shortest possible time,
  • Remote Communication (REMCOM) system for online access to offence data on TRAFMAN™ and NaTIS data from the roadside in real time to enable serving summonses and scanned Warrants of Arrest in addition to Roadblock assistance.
  • Accident monitoring to identify prime locations for law enforcement ;
  • Geographic Information System (GIS on ArcInfo or MapInfo) for the display of contraventions, incidents and accidents on a map of the road network in a visually interpretable format;
  • Operations management of special and day-to-day operations;
  • Incident management of all events of crime, transgression of by-laws or safety hazards on the road or in the community;
  • Offence monitoring to establish the level of offences before investing in the combating thereof;
  • Weighbridge management to control overloading, and
  • Goal management for a systematic and structured approach to management of officer performance by objectives.

The aim of the TRAFMAN™ system is to provide a fully integrated information system for, amongst others, contraventions, accidents and incidents. This helps to eliminate islands of information that often result from separate systems. With the introduction of the TRAFMAN™ system, there is no need for extracting data from one system and importing it into another for analysis.

The TRAFMAN™ system provides for data of multiple authorities to be captured on the same database. This makes it highly suitable for metropolitan, provincial and national authorities in that they can choose to capture data separately or collectively.