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Fischer Consulting developed a Medical Information System to enable 1st Line healthcare workers to have access to a patient’s critical medical history and to capture the information relating to the consultation, the prescription/treatment given, duty restriction and the identity of the administering healthcare practitioner (HCP) on a handheld device. Appropriate communication equipment to update medical records at a 2nd Line healthcare worker and other medical facilities in the different deployed areas form part of the system.

The deployed application is a computer based logistics management application designed to run on handheld devices used by Health Care Practitioners in the field. The software will keep track of all contacts made with potential patients, including detailed actions and items used during contact. It will also keep records of the clinical profiles of all members deployed in a specific area of operation, and will provide functionality to search for various types of medical codes, including diagnoses, allergies, procedures etc.

Potential application areas include:

  • Emergency Response Units
  • Mines
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Military and Police Force
  • Detention Facilities
  • Medical Aid Schemes