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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a mass surveillance method that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle licence plates. Fischer Consulting utilizes this cutting edge technology in multiple environments to ease and speed up the identification and screening process of vehicles, and also in certain instances to link vehicles moving from one area to another. The cameras specifically designed for ANPR use are used along with an industrial ANPR processor installed in close proximity to the camera, with configurable software used for ANPR definition, processing and output. Infrared technology allows for the use of this system during all hours of the day.

The main area of application of ANPR technology is at roadblock or roadside inspections performed by law enforcement officers. ANPR cameras in conjunction with the REMCOM™ system are utilized to screen vehicles for any of the following possible transgressions:

  • unresolved offence notices
  • expired vehicle licences
  • expired roadworthy certifications

The string obtained from the ANPR engine is used to query the TRAFMAN™ system, national vehicle register or any other data source for possible transgressions linked to a specific vehicle, flagging the vehicle to be stopped for investigation and further action. This eliminates long queues at roadblocks, increasing the number of vehicles and persons screened and also increasing the amount of transgressors apprehended at roadblocks.

ANPR cameras are also installed on a large number of weighbridges and traffic control centres across South Africa. Fischer Consulting integrates these cameras with other equipment installed at each site, for example a Weigh in Motion (WIM) scale in a screening lane allowing the vehicle on the WIM to be linked to the mass determined by the scale. ANPR images are further used along with an overview images and WIM or Weigh records for Audit purposes, in overload cases that might appear in court and for the optimal management of the weigh bridge

GPS Capabilities

Advancements, availability and price drop experienced in recent years has made Global Positioning Systems (GPS) readily available to various markets increasing the opportunities and different applications available for this technology. At Fischer Consulting we have taken advantage of the growth in the field of GPS systems and we have created numerous innovative solutions incorporating GPS technology into the products and services we provide. Standalone or incorporated into a smart phone, tablet or mobile computer, Fischer Consulting has ample experience in providing solutions and innovations in this field.

Fischer Consulting has incorporated GPS Solutions into systems such as water and electricity meter readings, as well as smart metering parking solutions. As part of the complete solution to Traffic Control Centres Fischer Consulting also provides a tracking solution for vehicles that have to be moved between different sites such as satellite and main Traffic Control Centre Sites tracking the movement of each vehicle along a predetermined and geo-fenced route. Fischer Consulting provides a complete tracking solution with the following characteristics:

  • Rugged device that can attach to the outside of a vehicle
  • Vandal and tamper proof design
  • Can Track a vehicle in real time
  • Set up specified routes along which a vehicle must travel
  • Send out alarm under predefined circumstances such as when a vehicle deviates from the allowed rout, is stationary for longer than a predefined period, tampers with or removes the device.

Fischer Consulting’s ongoing research and development ensures that new solutions and enhancements are incorporated and released to our clients at regular intervals.

RFID Tracking

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology offers endless opportunities and applications and the technology is continually advancing and becoming more affordable for day to day applications. Fischer Consulting has integrated RFID solutions into their Traffic Management System that incorporates tags and readers to direct and track specific vehicles throughout the complex layout of traffic control centres such as the one at Beit Bridge.

In such applications Fischer Consulting makes use of the more affordable passive EPC tag and has the capability to read a tag on a vehicle traveling in excess of 120 km/h on a freeway. The tags attached to the windscreen of each vehicle along with readers placed at strategic points throughout the site allow the tracking of individual vehicles, the position of which is then displayed on a management screen. Management can view vehicle and site information from a state of the art control room, displaying predefined characteristics or attributes that are assigned to each vehicle or area on site, allowing for easily accessible data at a glance and supporting quick and informed decision making.

The addition of tags and readers to the site improves effective management and reduces the need for human intervention, creating a system resistant to human error. Fischer Consulting’s experience and expertise will ensure the effective implementation and strategic use of RFID technology over multiple environments and scenarios.


Fischer Consulting has extensive experience in the supply, delivery and installation of control and monitoring equipment at weighbridges and traffic control centres across South Africa. Not only has the TRAFMAN™ Weighbridge and Contravention modules been adopted as the de facto standard for all traffic control centres in the country, but Fischer Consulting also provides hardware and control system software and interfaces to numerous authorities and Traffic Control Centres. Fischer Consulting has an immaculate track record of successful implementation and operation of sites across South Africa and offers a fully scalable solution, from the smallest weigh bridge to the mega Traffic Control Centres located on the major traffic corridors. Sites include amongst other the Beit Bridge, Polokwane, Zebediela, Mantsole, Heidelberg, all sites on the N4 and also the Ermelo, and Kinross Weighbridges.

Continuous research and development ensures that the latest technologies are incorporated into solutions that provide our clients with reliable hardware and software catered for their specific needs. Fischer Consulting can integrate the following systems to supply the total solution to any traffic control centre:

  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Vehicle Identification System
  • Driver Identification System
  • Traffic Control Equipment (Hardware and Software)
  • Vehicle Weighing Equipment
  • Vehicle Testing Equipment
  • Automated Traffic Management System (ATMS)
  • Integration: Control and Operations Software
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Site Security Surveillance
  • Access Control System
  • Electrical Infrastructure